Aurora - Versatile Light Sheet System from MSquared Lasers

Airy beam Light Sheet Microscopy (ABLSM) is an increasingly popular imaging modality for visualising whole samples, such as embryos and organoids. Aurora Light Sheet is an innovative, compact, flexible and affordable single and/or multi-photon light sheet fluorescence imaging system. Enables rapid, large 3D-volumetric imaging with high resolution, multi-colour, time-lapse and live cell imaging.


A 3D rendered volume from a single Z-stack of the Arabidopsis Meristem with CHDR5-GFP (magenta) and autofluorescence (cyan). Imaged volume 600 µm x 600µm x 700 µm


2-week old mouse intestine organoids stained with DAPI to stain the nuclei (Blue), GFP-LGR5 express in the stem cells (Green), WGA-AF555 stain the Paneth cells (Yellow), and Phalloidin-AF647 stain the Actin (Red). Imaged volume 600 x 600 x 400 µm.

Mouse Brain


Maximum projection stack of thy-1-GFP with color gradients showing the depth of the objects. Imaged volume 600 x 600  x 1000 µm.

Zebra fish

A montage of three maximum projected stacks stitched along the main body of the Zebra fish expressing GFP-sox17 & RFP-prox1. Imaged volume 1800 x 600 x 400 µm