How to get image data in the first place? Constantly asking around for advice or favors is not a long term solution and hiring and keeping specialized personnel for occasionally need for image data for a project can be a huge drain of resources.

We offer you an alternative: let us help you get started with your imaging. We will advice you how to perform the biology part of the experimentation and produce usable data for quantitative image analysis with a powerful message. We can even arrange hands-on tutorials to get you going. This will help you to reach your goal faster and get the next grant before competition.

Your gain: save time, resources and your nerves to efficiently obtain the data you need for your progress report or publication…all by yourself!


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Due to a relocation of our Internet domain to a new server, our website and our e-mail adress were temporarily unavailable between 24 and 26 November. But now we are reachable as usual via the e-mail addresses you know!

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