Wonderful! You have got this far that you have collected good image data for you project. Things can still go awfully wrong….during image processing and analysis.

Image processing is a science itself. The knowledge on the experimentation and proper use of the numerous image processing software dictates whether the data will be usable. At best case scenario the data is ready for analysis directly from the imaging – in the worst case only massive image correction and improvement will make the data usable.

Ranging from simple background reduction to 3D-deconvolution to segmentation and measurements – we know our software tools and how to apply them to get the best out of your data to answer your questions. If your data does not justify the evaluation we are not afraid to explain you why we think so and suggest for improvements. This prevents you from repeating the same mistakes all over again which saves your time, effort and nerves. It is that simple – simply click the button below and request for more information.