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The most powerful, innovative imaging toolbox available for scientific community.

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For more than four decades, we’ve been advancing our scientific imaging platform by collaborating with researchers, scientists, and engineers like you—users that need to identify, strengthen and extract critical but often hidden information present in scientific digital images.
To enable these users to quickly, easily, and accurately count what couldn’t be counted, measure what couldn’t be measured, uncover what would otherwise remain hidden—that is what drives our continuous innovation.

Easy Workflow from Images to Answers

Easily capture, process, measure, analyze, report, automate, and share images and insights with today’s most advanced scientific image analysis platform.

Image Improvement

Use any of the filter functions and adjustment options or AutoQuant deconvolution for obtaining the best possible starting point for image segmentation.
Save Enhancement Options as a file to be used for similar data in a non-supervised Batch Processing.

Segment and Classify

Use the intensity segmentation or apply AI-based Smart Segmentation to isolate your objects from each other. Classify as you wish and train for fine tuning.
Finally count the objects and use any criteria for filtering out non-interesting objects.
Save Segmenting and Measurement Options as a file for Batch Processing.

Visualize in 3D and in Time

You can render and visualize the data as you wish, either as a Surface or as a Volume. You can also perform measurements on rendered data. Time and tracking in 3D included.

Measure and Collect

Use the 80+ different measurement options to extract the data from your objects.
Choose to focus on group statistics or individual objects.
Export data to or use the in-built, customizable Report Templates.

Simplified licencing Platform

Divided in three layers you can tailor your Own ImagePro11 according to your needs.

See below what’s included with Base, Optional Modules and Extensions

Base licence

Image Management

Open, display and manage almost any kind of image data

Processing and adjustment

Use a wide range of filters and other image processing tools to enhance the image analysis


ImagePro 11 is designed to speed up your projects without compromises

Data Analysis and Reporting

Automatically compile data from series of images for review and reprting

Auditing and Authentication

Ensure authentication of images by tracking usage and processing

Scripting Macros

Automate routine tasks to ensure fast and non-compromized processing and analysis

Includes Essential Analysis Options

Object Count
Percent Area
Objects within Objects

Optional Modules

2D Measurements

Easily extract precise measurement data from your images

2D Automated Analysis

Evolve your segmentation and classification using Machine learning-based algorithms

2D Capture

Measure in real-time or capture image % video from 150+ devices

3D Visualization & Analysis

Perform complex multi-dimensional analysis using familiar visualization tools

AutoQuant Deconvolution

Improve the image data prior analysis with AutoQuant 2D & 3D deconvolution

License Server

Easily and safely distribute your licenses amongst users

Analysis Protocol collections

Cell Biology collection

Cell Count
Cell Morphology
Cell Proliferation
Lipid Droplets
Live Dead

Cell Biology Plus collection

Neurite Outgrowth
Wound Healing

Materials collection

Composite materials
Concentric layers
Curved layers
Layer thickness
Fiber separation
Fiber thickness
Particle phase

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