The Micro-Environment Solutions for Live Imaging

Bioptechs offers on-stage solutions to all aspects of micro-environmental control in microscopy.

Our expert team with experienced distributors help you to identify the correct instrumentation to best suit your protocol.


For Inverted Microscopes

The FCS2® is an out of the box, versatile solution for micro-environmental control that offers precision temperature and flow control that is compatible with all forms of microscopy.

This system incorporates a parallel plate, high N.A. compatible, uniformly temperature controlled microscopic flow cell with a user definable specimen area for inverted microscopes.

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For Upright Microscopes

The Focht Chamber System 3 (FCS3 ®) is a closed system, live-cell micro-observation flowcell chamber that offers several advantages over other chambers.

In addition to its unique perfusion and thermal control system, it is fully compatible with all modes of microscopy. It is also the only chamber to combine high-volume laminar flow perfusion rates with Koehler illumination and precise temperature control without an air curtain. Its user definable flow characteristics make it adaptable to nearly any protocol where cells are perfused in a flow-cell.

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For Inverted Microscopes

The FCS4® is the new variation of the FCS2® that incorporates patent pending technologies to allow for simple use by any research with no experience.

The same reliable technology of the FCS2® with simplified assembly and pressure control.

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Delta T

The world’s most precise and versatile culture dish incubation system

The Bioptechs Delta T™ System is a micro-environmental control system used on microscopes to enable long term acquisition of high resolution, time-lapse cell images.

The Delta T™ is designed to simulate host conditions on the stage of a microscope and provide an optimal optical environment for microscopy.

A comprehensive environmental control system for observing cell culture on a microscope that is ideal for multi-user facilities. Plate, incubate and observe without the need to transfer your cells.

Stage adapters are available for most microscope stages and custom designs are possible.

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Objective Heater System

The only system verified to accurately and securely warm the objective

When live-cell imaging requires the use of high numeric aperture lenses, it is necessary to control the temperature of the objective as well. This problem exists because the optical coupling medium (oil, glycerin or water) acts as a thermal coupling medium and draws heat away from the specimen.

The Bioptechs Objective Heater System is the only objective heating system that incorporates the thermal profile of the objective into the temperature control loop and regulates the objective temperature to the specimen plane where it belongs!

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Stable Z® Stage Warmer System

The only stage warmer with z axis stability for imaging

The Stable Z System is an electronic specimen warming device that applies heat exclusively and immediately adjacent to a specimen containing structure such as a 35mm culture dish or LabTek chamber slide in a manner that does not induce Z-axis drift to the specimen plane. It is comprised of a small electronic controller supported at 45 degrees for easy viewing, a DC adapter power supply, and a stage adapter to fit the microscope.

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Perfusion Systems

Perfect Flow With Precise Volume Control

The Micro-Perfusion Pump is a miniature, single or dual, channel, full-featured peristaltic pump designed for specific ranges of flow rates conducive to microscopy. Unlike most peristaltic pumps that are driven by stepper motors, the Micro-Perfusion Pump is driven by a tachometer regulated, multi-stage DC gear motor. This assures a smooth analog rotation of the roller spindle, free of instantaneous steps.

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Delta T-EDU

Simplified Delta-T for Education

The Delta T System facilitates demonstrations of live cellular events in a classroom setting. The EDU System is comprised of a universal stage adapter, electronic temperature controller and an 110VAC-12VDC power adapter. It is intrinsically safe, simple to use, has dedicated temperature selections of 28, 30 37 and 41 degree C and ideal for demonstrations of live biological events such as insect hatching, Yeast budding, mammalian cell interaction, and avain specimen development.

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Cell Culture Cylinders

For Optimal Medium Volume

Borosilicate glass cylinders are used to position and or isolate cell culture when plated for imaging. They are typically 5mm high having an optically flat polished end that self seals when placed on another optically flat surface so that grease or any other contaminate is not required. They are used when plating cells to position them for observation and improve plating time. Culture cylinders are reusable and autoclaveable. Custom sizes available.

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