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High resolution Light Sheet System​

Aurora - Versatile Light Sheet System from MSquared Lasers

Airy beam Light Sheet Microscopy (ABLSM) is an increasingly popular imaging modality for visualising whole samples, such as embryos and organoids. Aurora Light Sheet is an innovative, compact, flexible and affordable single and/or multi-photon light sheet fluorescence imaging system. Enables rapid, large 3D-volumetric imaging with high resolution, multi-colour, time-lapse and live cell imaging.

Superresolution for Living cells

Image Living Cells with to 70 nm Resolution

Conical refraction describes the propagation of a light beam in the direction of the optical axis of a bi-axial crystal and can be used as a practical tool to shape optical beams in super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. CODIM is a High performance super resolution multicolor imaging system seamlessly integrated to existing confocal microscope. The low phototoxocity enable superresoltuion imaging in living cells.

Clarity – Laser-Free Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope Module​

The Aurox Clarity laser free confocal unit uses a new design of spinning disc with a grid-like structured illumination pattern. The structured illumination modulates both the illumination field and demodulate the light emerging from the sample.
Being cMOS-camera based and laser-free Clarity is affordable and gentle to the living cells. The unique optical system simultaneously capturing the transmitted (T) and reflected (R) images provides both in-focus and out of-focus information are gathered. As an affordable add-on module Clarity extends the lifetime, resolution and versatility of almost any fluorescence wide-field microscope

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