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Whether you are involved in cell biology, drug discovery or other life science research, Media Cybernetics software products help individuals and organizations to extract and mine knowledge from images through its world-leading image capture, analysis, display, management, and collaboration solutions for scientists, professionals, and enterprises. Our worldwide network of Image-Pro partners, superb training tools, and technical support team help you get started and keep your research moving forward.

ImagePro Premier 3D – Powerful, automatizable 3D Image Analysis Software

3D image analysis software is designed for research professionals who need to view and measure structures in a variety of spatial or temporal image dimensions. Image-Pro Premier 3D is unique because it delivers all the essential 3D analysis tools in one easy-to-learn and use software package.

ImagePro Premier – Capture, process, count, classify, measure and share.

Powerful and versatile imaging platform driven by over 30 years of user feedback, the new Image-Pro Premier offers native 64-bit support, a user friendly interface and a suite of 2D measurement solutions.

ImagePro Plus – 2D Image Analysis and Acquisition Software

Used by thousands of researchers worldwide, Image-Pro Plus image analysis software makes it easy to acquire images, count, measure and classify objects, and automate your work. As the original 32-bit Image-Pro, this software solution offers microscope control, image capture, measurement, count/size, and macro development tools.

ImagePro Premier 3D

As the preferred deconvolution standard, AutoQuant X3, is the most complete deconvolution software package of 2D and 3D restoration algorithms available. AutoQuant X3 makes it simple to deconvolve image sets and visualize them in time, Z, and channel, and analyze all parameters within the same, easy to use application. With optional GPU processing module AutoQuant X3 the current ease of use is maintained - with enhanced speed of GPU processing.

Microvolution, llc

Developed by Stanford scientists, Microvolution software will improve your research. Work more effectively in dim light and realize greater success rates with live-cell and time-lapse experiments. Create cleaner measurements after deconvolution (e.g., segmentation, colocalization, FRET data, neurite lengths, fluorescence intensities). Make adjustments to your microscopy experiments on the fly and collect more data from the same sample. The software deconvolves images from widefield, confocal, two photon, light sheet, and HCA microscopes. Blind deconvolution option improves noisy data, such as deep tissue imaging. Multi-GPU options enable even giant images to be processed in seconds. Available as a plug-in for ImageJ/FIJI and µManager, as a drop-in for MetaMorph.

Molecular Devices, llc

Meta-series Image Acquisition, processing, and analysis software packages enable handling of conventional and custom imaging systems and image analysis of novel applications.


MetaMorph Microscopy Automation and Image Analysis Software

MetaMorph® Microscopy Automation & Image Analysis Software is the industry standard for automated microscope acquisition, device control, and image analysis., bringing microscopists greater understanding of cell morphology, function, and behavior for over 25 years. Easy integration of dissimilar fluorescent microscope hardware and peripherals into a single custom workstation. Provides all the tools to perform meaningful analysis of acquired images. Numerous user-friendly application modules for biology-specific analyses are available.


MetaFluor Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Software

MetaFluor® Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Software is designed for single or multi-wavelength intracellular ion measurements. The software application provides simultaneous display of the raw data, ratio image, graphs of intensities, ratios, ion concentrations, and a non-ratiometric image such as a brightfield or phase-contrast image. Two different ratiometric indicators can be imaged and measured simultaneously to provide greater insight to ion exchange and intracellular function regardless of dye loading concentrations, conditions, or emission intensities.


Cost-effective image analysis package for basic microscopy research

MetaVue™ Research Imaging System is a simple, easy-to-use software application for acquiring and processing images, performing graphics functions, and archiving and retrieving images. It is a full featured image documentation and basic analysis software package that is fully compatible with the MetaMorph® Microscopy Automation and Image Analysis Software.

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